About Shima


Field of expertise Drink
Hobby Triathron & marathon
Favorite Car Truck
Dream Marathon with my son.
Message to customers We are truck specialist.
Section Manager TOMOKATSU
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Field of expertise Anything is okay.
Hobby Talking
Favorite Car Hiace
Dream To love okinawa
Message to customers Please don't hesitate to call our company except
Me, since i don't speak english.
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Field of expertise Malaysia,Indonesia,Russia Ckd/F/Ctrucks big E/g
Hobby Movies, Volley ball
Favorite Car Vellfire/ TOYOTA Lamborghini
Dream Vissiting the countries as many as I can.
Message to customers I will help you and Shima will help you.Let's expand the business together.
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Field of expertise Malaysia
Hobby Karaoke singing
Favorite Car Yellow new beetle
Dream I wanna get Jeep. and live in summer country!
Message to customers Nice to meet you :)
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Field of expertise Seibi
Hobby Motocross
Favorite Car HIACE
Dream -
Message to customers -
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Field of expertise English
Hobby Badminton
Favorite Car R2
Dream To revuild our present house.
Message to customers Please be reassured that our company will give you the best deal you will never from any other companies.
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Field of expertise Heavy equipments
Hobby Horse riding
Favorite Car Conte
Dream Have a peaceful life in peaceful world.
Message to customers Please feel free to contact us!We will gladly do our best to supply highly demanded units to you!!
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Field of expertise Engine parts
Hobby Watch sports on television
Favorite Car Foregn car
Dream To get rich and buy a villa.
Message to customers We will deliver in container the engines and parts that you are looking for.
YUKO   Contact us
Field of expertise Japanese visa
Hobby Playing with my cat
Favorite Car Tanto
Dream Traveling all over the world.
Message to customers Looking forward to doing business with you.
SHIZUKA   Contact us
Field of expertise Support
Hobby Anime. Hot springs.
Favorite Car S660 / Honda Road star / Mazda
Dream No war on earth. Everyone lives peacefully and happyly.
Message to customers We "SHIMA" provide you Japan's best survice and quality.
tel:81-244-22-1555 skype